“It is Easy to be a Woman” TV Show

The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine and the UN Office in Ukraine have conducted annual All-Ukrainian Campaign «16 Days Against Gender Violence».

According to the tradition, the Campaign started on November 25, on the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and lasted for 10 days until December 10, the Human Rights Day.

November 22-26 Ukrainian TV against violence

A series of TV shows on domestic violence and its elimination have been organized jointly with the National TV Company of Ukraine and were aired on November 22-26 on the First National Channel.

November 22–26 a series of day shows «It is Easy to be a Woman», a talk show hosted by Tetyana Goncharova, Inna Tsymbalyuk and Irina Antonovich.

There were five episodes during one week, each of them on a specific subject:
Monday, November 22 – psychological domestic violence;
Tuesday, November 23 – physical domestic violence;
Wednesday, November 24 – economic domestic violence;
Thursday, November 25 – gender violence;
Friday, November 26 – violence against children in the family and at school.

Lawyers, psychologists, representatives of law enforcement authorities, social services, humans rights organizations and academia were invited to participate in the show.
The audience had the possibility to talk with the participants and the hosts due to the live format of the show.

Aired on 22/11/2010

Aired on 23/11/2010

Aired on 24/11/2010

Aired on 25/11/2010

Aired on 26/11/2010