Component 1

Component 1. National gender machinery 
 Supporting the Ukrainian Government at national, regional and local levels to implement and enforce gender equality legislation and decrees in order to strengthen the national gender machinery is one of the aims of the Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine Programme.

The expected general output of realisation of this Component of the Programme is equipping National gender machinery with legal and financial resources, as well as revising political commitments to legally enforce gender equality laws and regulations.

The activities of the Project on strengthening the national gender machinery will be implemented in three main directions:

1) Review the design of National Gender Machinery (NGM) via:

- providing expert assistance on review of the design of National Gender Machinery;
- supporting the activity of advisory groups for NGM development;
- capacity building trainings of national and regional officials responsible for gender policy implementation;
- supporting in reviewing regulatory acts in the sector of employment on compliance with equality of rights and opportunities of men and women in job and employment area;
- supporting the inclusions of gender knowledge and sensitivity as part of formal staff performance appraisal and in civil service exams.

2) Assisting in monitoring of the State and regional Gender Equality Programmes to 2010 through:

- review of the State and regional Gender Equality Programmes to 2010;
- elaboration of recommendations on improvement of the system of monitoring of State and regional gender equality programmes;
- holding round table on gender budgeting for state and regional officials responsible for budgeting;
- conducting gender sensitization events for national and regional officials, members of Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and members of oblast councils on using gender budgeting.

3) Build the capacity of state to deal with gender statistics:

- train state officials on collecting and using gender statistics;
- supporting the participation in international networking and experience sharing for the state officials responsible for dealing with gender-disaggregated statistics.

Target groups of the Component: Verkhovna Rada, state and local authorities, Institute of Strategic Research, Main Civil Service Office, State Committee of Statistics, gender focal points, NGOs.

Gender Mainstreaming Expert, 
Mikhail Koryukalov,
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