Gender Education


Component 2

Component 2. Gender Standards in Education  
Promotion education without gender bias and integration of gender knowledge and gender sensitivity into educational system is considered as of the aims of the Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine Programme. 

The expected general output of realisation of this Component of the Programme is ensuring the system of education is free of gender biases and stereotypes, gender-balanced information is provided in programmes, textbooks and education curricula.

Implementation of the Component will be fulfilled in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities of Women and Men” and taking into account the tasks of the State Programme of Ensuring Gender Equality in Ukrainian Society 2010 considering best practices and experience Member states and candidate countries of the European Union. 

The activities of the Project on promotion education without gender bias and integration of gender knowledge will be implemented in three main directions:
1. Support to introduction of a pedagogical methodology on gender standards for teachers of secondary and high schools of Ukraine via:
• providing expert assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science in elaboration of gender standards in education;
• elaboration recommendations for teachers on overcoming gender stereotypes in teaching process;
• gender expertise of school manuals, handbooks and educational curricula;
• building capacity of specialists of the Ministry of Education and Science, oblast and rayon education and science departments on implementing gender standards in educational system of Ukraine;
• series of training events for teachers and pupils etc.
2. Building capacity of teachers in overcoming gender biases in education and integrating gender knowledge and gender sensitivity in the system of education of Ukraine through: 
• assistance in development of gender-sensitive programmes for students of teachers’ educational institutions;
• elaboration and holding trainings for trainers of gender knowledge and gender sensitivity in education for teachers;
• organisation of trainings on gender knowledge and gender sensitivity in education for teachers;
• promotion the inclusion of gender specialisation and establishment of departments (cathedras) focused on gender studies in the higher educational institutions.
3. Facilitating of introducing gender sensitivity in the Ukrainian society through education system, namely:
• supporting the activity of Gender Education Centres in the regions of Ukraine;
• producing training materials on gender culture awareness raising.
Target groups of the Component: Ministry of Education and Science; Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports, Committee of the Verkhovna Rada for Education and Science; high schools, oblast departments of education; state, non-governmental and private educational institutions; NGOs; teachers and professors, students.
Igor Gutsulyak
Gender Education Expert
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