Gender based violence prevention and response


Component 3

Component 3. Prevention and response to domestic violence 
 One of the target goals of Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine Programme is to promote an environment friendly to overcoming violence against women and children in all aspects of social life. 

The expected general output of this component is the improvement of the system of response to domestic violence.

The activities on preventing and reducing domestic violence will be implemented accordingly to three main central points: 

1. Assess and improve national machinery for prevention and response to domestic violence:
• Analyze current machinery for prevention and response to domestic violence;
• Conduct social research on the state of domestic violence in Ukraine;
• Elaborate recommendations based on the results of conducted researches;
• Discuss elaborated recommendations with governmental representatives and civil society.
2. Build capacity of district police officers on prevention of domestic violence:
• Elaborate training programmes on prevention of domestic violence for district police officers;
• Organize capacity-building trainings for district police officers; 
• Elaborate special courses on prevention of domestic violence and implement them in the curricula of educational establishments of policemen. 
3. Build capacity of judges to deal with judicial cases involving domestic violence:
• Elaborate informational materials on judicial cases involving domestic violence for judges;
• Conduct gender sensitization events for judges on dealing with judicial cases involving domestic violence.
Target group of the Component: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry for family, youth and sport, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health Care, Academy of Judges, judges of Ukraine, district police officers, NGO.

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