Capacity Development


Component 4

Component 4. Enhance capacity of national and regional authorities on gender policy implementation 
 One of the target goals of Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine Programme is to enhance the capacity of governmental bodies to ensure steady gender transformation. 

The expected general output of this component is enhancing capacity of national and regional authorities for better elaboration, implementation and monitoring of gender sensitive programmes and strategies. 

The activities on enhancing capacity of national and regional authorities will be implemented accordingly to three main central points: 

1. Introduce LFA methodology to gender development and planning processes on national and regional levels. 
2. Support Gender resource centers activities: 
• Support education programmes for Gender resource centers;
• Support the creation of new regional Gender resource centers and coordinate the implementation of regional gender development strategies. 
3. Raise gender sensitivity among experts, UNDP employees and State officials responsible for gender policy.
Target group of the Component: Ministries, national and regional authorities, oblast State administration, Gender resource centers, experts.