Outdoor Campaign


Social advertising

In autumn 2008, the first wave of social advertising “Stop violence!” started on TV. Ukrainian TV-channels were broadcasting social advertising against violence against children “I am proud – I am a father”.
In May 2009 the first wave of social outdoor advertising started in Ukraine. The advertising with the slogan “Stop violence! Don’t put up with these gifts!” is addressing women to stop enduring violence at home and seek for psychological help via the national hot line (0 800 500 335). The ad shows a woman with bruises similar in appearance to bracelets and necklaces.  
The next idea that made it into a big board ad was part of the second wave of social advertising. The advertising features Ms. Alina Shaternykova, World and Europe boxing Champion from Ukraine. Ms. Shaternikova is pictured after a fight with a huge bruise on the face. The slogan says “I endure it for victory. And you?”. The ad also mentions the hot line number and calls on women to stop enduring domestic violence.  
The abovementioned advertisings were created in the framework of the National campaign “Stop Violence!” with support from UNDP, Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine and SIDA.