Domestic Violence in Ukraine: Facts and Figures

  • 35-50% of all Ukrainian women admitted in hospital for bodily injuries were victims of domestic violence.
  • During one year domestic violence in Ukraine causes 100,000 days of hospital admission, 30,000 applications to traumatology departments and 40,000 doctor calls.
  • 30-40% of calls to Ukrainian police stations are related to violence in the family, including physical violence.
  • The number of people who file complaints about regular cases of family violence is steadily growing.
  • Domestic violence in Ukraine is not yet considered as a criminal offence by the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 

Things to know.

What are the different forms of violence?

Violenceinthefamily – any  kind of intentional violent acts of physical, sexual, psychological or economic nature perpetrated against a family member, if these acts infract constitutional rights and liberties and inflict moral, physical or psychological damage.
Physicalviolenceinthefamily – intentional infliction of corporal injuries to a family member, that have or can lead to death, physical or psychological damage, damage to the victim’s honour and dignity.     
Sexual violence in the family – unlawful infringement of sexual integrity of a family member and sexual acts against a minor in the family. 
Psychological violence in the family – verbal abuses, threats, pursuits, intimidation and terrorization of a family member that lead to emotional instability and psychological harm.  
Economicviolenceinthefamily – deliberate deprivation of a family member of domicile, food, clothes and other legal possessions or belongings that can lead to death or physical and psychological injuries. 

Where get advice and help?

National Hot Line for fighting domestic violence and protecting children rights is operational Monday-Saturday, 9 am – 8 pm:
0 800 500 335

( + 38 044 205 36 94 for foreign calls)